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Super Bowl Eats & Treats with Chef Jamie Gwen

It’s that time of year again where we all gather around the TV to watch the big game. Joining us today is Chef Jamie Gwen with some delicious ideas to spice up your game day spread. Guacamole is a classic, must-have food at every big game celebration, making for one of the biggest days for avocado consumption nationwide and the highest
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Super Bowl at Home with Bob Guiney

As you get ready for the big game, I have got the best ideas to make your game day celebration great right from your own home. Pre-game – get your food lined up and make it easy – a simple cheese board is a great way to kick things off and here’s a pro shopping tip – look for cheese with the “Proudly Wisconsin” badge. Wisconsin offers a world of Read More


The Greatest Cheaters in Sports History

Well, after years of allegations and strong denials, followed by the decision to finally stop contesting doping charges, Lance Armstrong, cancer survivor, seven-time Tour de France winner, and man with one testicle, has admitted to using performance-enhancing drugs to Oprah Winfrey in an interview that will air on Thursday. Obviously, this is Read More
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