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Not The Popcorn! New York City Wants to Expand Size Limit to More Foods

When reports broke that New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg wanted to police soda size, people went wild. The proposal Bloomberg offered – that New York City should ban the sale of any soft drinks larger than 16 ounces – led to wild accusations of "nanny state behavior" and "snack police." Even reports that about 58% of adult New Yorkers are
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Team Names That Make the Hornets-Pelicans Change Seem Normal

Remember when the New Orleans Hornets decided on a new team name? The Hornets, a name long associated with the franchise’s former home in Charlotte, adopted an unlikely new identity: the New Orleans Pelicans, in homage to the state bird of Louisiana. The new name quickly gained both detractors and defenders, but more importantly: it got us Read More


The Most Badass Travel Experiences

If you’re like us here at the DailyLounge, it’s not enough to sit at nice restaurants and see a couple big castles when you travel. Instead, you like seeking out the adventurous, sometimes even dangerous, experiences that give you an extra testosterone thrill, along with the satisfaction of knowing that you’ve proven yourself a Read More
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