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Ever Wonder What Career Fields Down the Most Coffee?

Your coffee habit may not be a problem if you’re drinking in moderation. But for some people, coffee is the only thing that keeps them going, and it’s not uncommon to see folks slurping up cup after cup, even as the day dwindles down. So it should come as no surprise that certain jobs seem to drive people towards higher levels of caffeine
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Mother's Day Gift Ideas with Colleen Burns (Sponsored)

We love our moms! We'll spend an average of $245 this year on Mother's Day... up 73% in the last four years! What are some of the hottest gifts? These new truly wireless earbuds from LG top the list. The LG TONE Free earbuds are the best looking and most convenient I've found. If you're like me, sometimes I'm so busy I forget to charge my Read More
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Science Says First Born Children Are More Likely to Succeed

As much as the oldest siblings in a family might complain that they had it the worst, they might want to admit something else: That it made them better people. According to an interesting study, first born children are more ambitious and more successful than their other siblings. Specifically, first born girls. There's a lot of reasons why Read More
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