Your dog is truly happy youre home its science

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Your Dog Is Truly Happy You're Home. It's Science!

You've probably seen the videos of soldiers coming home from war and being greeted by their dogs. Or if you haven't, and you're a dog owner, you know how fun it is to come home to your little furry dude and have him flip out from excitement. But do dogs realize how long you've been away? After all, Spot seems to lose his mind when you come home
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Earth Day 2021 Set

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Earth Day Tips with Bob Guiney

Bob Guiney is here to share some simple steps we can take to be eco-friendly. According to the UN, the world produces up to 50 million tons of electronic waste every year, more than the weight of all commercial airliners EVER MADE. eBay’s Certified Refurbished program saves products from ending up in landfills, and offers shoppers premium tech, Read More

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Catch the Spirit of the Season: the Best Springtime Traditions

With the end of the frigid winter almost on us, we got to thinking: What are the best springtime traditions? Here are our choices. Opening Day Yes, the basketball and hockey seasons spend the beginning of spring roaring to their respective climaxes, but we only have one sport that begins in the spring, and it’s baseball, the most American Read More
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