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CES 2021 with Andrea Smith

CES is the place to get a look at the latest tech innovations we’ll be seeing in the coming year. The big trends this year have a lot to do with how we’ve had to turn our homes into offices and schools. LG knows we’re spending a lot of time in the kitchen these days and their new InstaView Door-in-Door side-by-side fridges have some cool new
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Homebound Essentials with Tech Expert, Andrea Smith

People are watching a lot of TV. AT&T TV combines live TV and streaming services into one easy to-use platform. Super simple to set up, no tech visit needed. It has a voice remote for quick access to Netflix, YouTube and thousands more apps. With Google Assistant built in, it’s all about using your voice to control what’s on the TV, as well as Read More


Meet the Tech Company That'll Reduce Restroom Wait Times

Technology can be used to do great things. Consider how much better your life is now that you have a cell phone. Or a car. Or any number of inventions that we seem to take for granted now. They're all thanks to someone using tech to make our lives better. Technology can also be used to make our lives better in much less grand ways. Like Read More
CES 2020 Andrea

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CES 2020 Day One with Andrea Smith

Between the aisles of huge 8K TV’s, roaming robots and smarter than ever smart home devices, I always like to look at the trends shaping the way we work and live and communicate. Microsoft and its partners are producing more intelligent edge products than ever before. So, not to get too geeky but the intelligent edge is a constantly expanding set Read More
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