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College Graduates Are Facing a Tough Job Market (Like Seriously Tough)

It's graduation season and all across the country high school and college students are preparing to make a huge transition; some will begin a new academic career, others will head out into the job market. It’s a time of optimism and hope for recent graduates as they envision the next chapter in their lives — or it should be. But expectations
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Study Finds Watching Reruns Is Good for You

If you're a TV addict, you've likely been criticized for watching too much of it. You've heard all the complaints: It dulls your mind, it's not good for you, not everything in life is related to Seinfeld so please for the love of god stop citing it in every situation. The list goes on and on. However, according to a new study, TV is actually Read More

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Americans Are REALLY Into Butter These Days

It's no secret that American cuisine isn't exactly an exercise in health food. Oh, we like our vegetables (preferably deep fried and in chip form), but most American meals are caloric heavyweights. After all, this is a country that deep-fries its soda, and loves butter. And when we say America loves butter, we mean "LLLLLLLOOOOOOVVVVEESSS Read More
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