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Science Says the Ruder the Sales Staff, the More We Buy

Imagine the following scenario: You decide to treat yourself to a nice pair of shoes. We're talking Prada. Something that you would never typically buy, but for whatever reason — you won the lottery and have a hankering for shoes or something — today is the day. You walk into a Prada store, and right away, you notice something.
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The Most Difficult Books to Make Into Movies

Some books feel like they were written specifically so that they could be turned into movies: books like The Count of Monte Cristo, The Godfather, or, more recently, Harry Potter and The Hunger Games read like cinematic storylines committed to paper. With the release of ambitious adaptations of Cloud Atlas and Anna Karenina, we’ve been thinking Read More
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Just Thinking About Science Can Make You More Moral

Any time there's a scientific study, it's always worth it to ask yourself about every factor involved, before taking the report to heart. That's because while science is great, scientists sometimes aren't. They're people just like anyone else, and people do things for specific reasons (cough, cough — money). So while there's plenty of reasons Read More
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