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A Woman Working in Food Service? She’s Probably Been Sexually Harassed

If you’re woman who's ever worked a job in the food service industry, according to an advocacy group survey, you’ve likely been harassed by customers, coworkers, or even managers, The report, titled “The Glass Floor: Sexual Harassment in the Restaurant Industry,” was compiled by researchers at the Restaurant Opportunities Center United, a
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Americans Are REALLY Into Butter These Days

It's no secret that American cuisine isn't exactly an exercise in health food. Oh, we like our vegetables (preferably deep fried and in chip form), but most American meals are caloric heavyweights. After all, this is a country that deep-fries its soda, and loves butter. And when we say America loves butter, we mean "LLLLLLLOOOOOOVVVVEESSS Read More
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America's Rich Don't Want You to Know They're Wealthy

There was a time when being rich was something to brag about. The idea was that if you worked hard and saved wisely, eventually you’d be successful and live out the American dream — who wouldn’t brag about that? But times have changed. As the country struggled through recession, wealth stopped being something you told people about. The 1% may Read More
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