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Study Says Diet Soda Makes You Sad? Not So Fast

How are you today? Feeling blue? A bit down in the dumps? Here's a tip: Put down the Diet Coke. Then go watch the first three Jason Bourne movies. Get back to us afterward. While watching the Bourne movies is certainly key to breaking out of the funk, it's parting with the diet soda that's the most pivotal part of our advice. Why? Because a new
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We Finally Know Why Zebras Have Their Stripes

Let's face it, the zebra is the coolest equid around. Horses are just boring and donkeys are kind of cool because they're so apathetic about everything, but zebras are it. They're the raddest member of the taxonomic family of horses. And it's all because of those stripes, which up until now, baffled scientists. Why, experts wanted to know, do Read More

Heart & Home

Tourist Experiences That Don’t Match the Hype

Traveling, as we all know, is one of the great educational and pleasurable experiences of life. Going to new places, seeing beautiful sites, enjoying different cultures -- there is no better way to learn about the world, and about oneself. Let’s be real, though: not every famous travel experience lives up to the hype. Maybe it's the fact that Read More
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