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Stay Calm: Young Adults Are the Most Stressed-Out Generation...Ever

You’re not looking too well. Do you experience tension headaches, upset stomach, and heart palpitations? Have you taken to chewing your nails to the quick? Do you find yourself sleeping less than you’d like? The diagnosis is clear: You’re not suffering from some strange disease, but from old-fashioned stress. But don’t fret about being the only
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Unplug internet trend annoying


Why the 'Unplugging' Trend Is Kind of Annoying

As technology advances, it's only natural for people to want to escape from it. We probably all spend a little too much time connected to our gadgets and such, but the trend of "unplugging" is taking things too far. We're supposed to own the iPhones, not the other way around. When people can't see that, there's a problem. It's not the gadgets' Read More
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Parents: Stop Helping Your Kids with Their Homework

Most kids will tell any adult that listens that homework is the worst. They'll also tell anyone that yes, they've already finished their homework, despite having just left school 15 minutes ago. This is just one factor that leads parents to feel compelled to help their kids with the work. They know the kids hate it, and want to make sure they Read More

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Eat Your Veggies; They'll Make You Happy

There is little in life that we enjoy more than eating pizza. There is something comforting about a slice of thin crust, covered in cheese and sauce and maybe some parm, should we be feeling adventurous that day. A close second to pizza is macaroni and cheese, which is obvious, considering it is called "comfort food." But according to a study, Read More
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