Team Names That Make the Hornets-Pelicans Change Seem Normal

Remember when the New Orleans Hornets decided on a new team name? The Hornets, a name long associated with the franchise’s former home in Charlotte, adopted an unlikely new identity: the New Orleans Pelicans, in homage to the state bird of Louisiana. The new name quickly gained both detractors and defenders, but more importantly: it got us
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Heart & Home

5 Running Mistakes You Keep Making

All runners have bad habits. Yet no matter how often these errors and vices throw us against the wall, slow us down, or leave us stranded on a PR plateau (that's "personal record" for you non-runners), we keep making them. Here's a look at the most common mistakes: You’re Malnourished When I ran my first marathon, I brought with me two Read More
Birth Control

Abortions in America Are at 40-Year Low…Because of Birth Control

Even with years of debates, rallies, demonstrations, and legislation, abortion remains one of the most controversial and contentious issues in America. The question of a woman’s right to choose is virtually guaranteed to polarize people, with each argument more vehement than the last. But a new study could cast this intense debate in a Read More
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