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How You Write on Facebook Can Reflect More About You Than What You Say

Most older people — no matter their religion, race or creed — can agree on one thing: Young people talk weird. The same, of course, could be said for young people. Every age group has its own way of talking that in some ways alienates the other age groups. Nowhere is this more apparent than online. Older people tend to use
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Wide face men

It's Official: Men with Wide Faces Are Selfish & We Treat Them As Such

Attention wide-faced dudes: You're freaking everyone out. You don't have to take our word for it, almost each year there arrives more evidence that the bigger someone's face is, the worse kind of person they are. So how about doing us all a favor and just smushing things together or something. Maybe do that duck face that women do Read More
Mental exhaustion

Turns Out Your Mental Exhaustion Can Impact You Physically

There have been countless studies that showed that when we're physically tired, our capacity to perform mental tasks suffers greatly. Anyone who has tried to drive after an all-nighter, or take a test after drinking one too many Zimas can attest to that. Our tired bodies just can't seem to make our brain kick into gear. But what about Read More

Sorry, Ladies — Your Boyfriend Isn't As Supportive As He Seems

Here’s a depressing fact for you, ladies: Your seemingly supportive husband or boyfriend is actually probably rooting for you to fail. But, don’t worry — It’s not you; it’s him. A study published by the American Psychological Association found that men’s self-esteem is seriously bruised when their female Read More
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