Meditation good for you

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According to Science, Meditation Is Super Good for You

Most people, when they think about meditating, they think in the most ridiculous terms. There's a long haired guy, smoking pot and talking about the "Chill vibes" he experiences, and maybe the "Fatty grilled cheese" he eats afterward. Toss in some music by Ravi Shankar and you've got the whole mediation stereotypes nailed down pat. However, as
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Beer excercise


Science Finds That Beer Is a Good Post-Workout Drink

Beer is fantastic. That we all know. Exercise, on the other hand, is less than fantastic. It's not terrible, but it certainly lies somewhere in between good and bad. Now, what if we combined them? That's exactly what some scientists thought, and that's exactly why we love those brainiacs. Turns out, beer and exercise work quite well together. Read More
Your dog is truly happy youre home its science

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Your Dog Is Truly Happy You're Home. It's Science!

You've probably seen the videos of soldiers coming home from war and being greeted by their dogs. Or if you haven't, and you're a dog owner, you know how fun it is to come home to your little furry dude and have him flip out from excitement. But do dogs realize how long you've been away? After all, Spot seems to lose his mind when you come home Read More
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