Science impossible to spot liars

Sciences Proves It's Almost Impossible to Spot Liars

Just how easy is it to tell when someone is lying or being misleading? You might think it's relatively simple, given all that we've heard about body language and techniques people employ when they want to be untrustworthy pieces of crap. However, some research has found that picking out liars or misleading people isn't easy at all.
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Using Social Media Is Probably Making You Angrier

Even on the Internet, we all want to be like one another. That's one takeaway from a study on emotions displayed on social networking sites. Another takeaway? The Internet, and using social media in particular, is making us all angrier. Rui Fan and a team of colleagues at Beihang University in China wanted to know if certain emotions Read More

Why Steroids Are a Bigger Deal in Baseball Than Any Other Sport

Unless you’ve been living under a rock as far as sports news is concerned, you’ve noticed by now that Major League Baseball dropped the hammer on thirteen steroid users, issuing 50-game suspensions to a dozen players for performance-enhancing drug violations as well as handing down a whopping 211-game suspension to megastar Alex Read More
Babies smell delicious

New Moms Really Do Think Babies Smell Delicious. It’s Science!

If you've ever been around a mother and her newborn baby, you've probably heard her say something along the lines of wanting to eat the infant, because it's so cute. When this happens, typically you shrug this off because babies aren't really cute until they're at least six months old, but nevertheless, you smile and agree, Read More
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