The Most Badass Travel Experiences

If you’re like us here at the DailyLounge, it’s not enough to sit at nice restaurants and see a couple big castles when you travel. Instead, you like seeking out the adventurous, sometimes even dangerous, experiences that give you an extra testosterone thrill, along with the satisfaction of knowing that you’ve proven yourself a
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The Art of the Political Divorce

Russian President / autocrat / alleged sex symbol Vladimir Putin was in the news following reports that he and his wife of almost thirty years, Lyudmila, were planning to divorce, the result of a distance in their relationship that had emerged over the many years of Putin’s career as the leader of Russia. By all accounts, the decision Read More
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Our Favorite TV Dads

Father's Day is around the corner so it's time we all recognized the dads in our lives. Sure, they weren't always perfect, but who is? Without dads we'd never have some of the best moments in our lives. And we're not knocking moms here, they have a day too, and we get them terrible presents then too. So today we thought Read More
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How You Write on Facebook Can Reflect More About You Than What You Say

Most older people — no matter their religion, race or creed — can agree on one thing: Young people talk weird. The same, of course, could be said for young people. Every age group has its own way of talking that in some ways alienates the other age groups. Nowhere is this more apparent than online. Older people tend to use Read More
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