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SHOCKER! Teachers That Are Paid Decent Wages Make Better Teachers

Ever wonder what the world would be like if people actually got paid decent wages for their work? What would happen, say, if teachers were paid good money for bringing education to the youth of America? That was the question behind the Equality Project, a charter school created under the idea that teachers’ salaries should be on par with
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Hate Your Job? Just Outsource it to China!

Ever wish you could spend your entire workday just watching cat videos and Reddit-ing? We know we do! One man discovered a way to do so -- All while making it look like he was actually getting work done. Meet “Bob” (real name unknown), the man who successfully outsourced his job to China. Until he got caught by the Verizon RISK Team, that Read More
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Parents: Stop Helping Your Kids with Their Homework

Most kids will tell any adult that listens that homework is the worst. They'll also tell anyone that yes, they've already finished their homework, despite having just left school 15 minutes ago. This is just one factor that leads parents to feel compelled to help their kids with the work. They know the kids hate it, and want to make sure they Read More
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You (More Than Likely) Don't Know What Seafood You're Eating

Attention seafood lovers across the nation: The amazing fillets you've purchased for dinner or fantastic sushi roll combos you've selected for lunch weren't what you thought they were. Maybe you wanted red snapper. Maybe you wanted tuna. But that's not what you got. According to a new study on fish, pretty much no one knows what fish they're Read More
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