Are Video Games Now a Form of Art?

Tuesday, Jun 17, 2014 — 4:00 EST

Even if you’re not an active gamer, you’ve probably noticed that video games are pretty advanced these days. In the forty plus years since the first home console system was released, video games have come a long way — and not just in terms of technology and processing ability.

With sales rivaling those of blockbuster movies, novel-like plots and stories, and the most cutting edge graphics, video games are a category of media entertainment unto themselves...and maybe even a form of art.

Join us on June 17th at 4PM Eastern  /1PM Pacific for a discussion on how video games have become more intricate and innovative and what makes this interactive digital medium a form of artistic expression. We’ll be talking to people from within the industry and those who cover it about the current state of games and its exciting future. 

Got a question or comment for our panel? Tweet it to us at @DailyLounge with the hashtag #VideoGamesArt.

Tal Blevins is the Vice President of Content and one of the Co-Founders of IGN. He has been reporting on the video games industry for two decades and has loved every second of it.



Alex Verrey is the Global PR & Communications Director for Mad Catz, leaders in the field of video game, PC and mobile hardware. Alex has worked in the videogame industry for over twenty years, and as an award winning presenter, regularly travels to gaming events around the world as a spokesperson for the company.



Sophia Tong is the Global Editor-in-Chief of and has been working in the video games industry for more than 10 years. She leads a global team of entertainment writers who are always looking for new and unique ways to cover the latest games. 

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