Getting Creative for Halloween

Thursday, Oct 16, 2014 — 4:00 EST

It seem like every creative person’s favorite holiday is, without a doubt, Halloween. What other time of the year can you dress up as whatever you want, make your home look like a crime scene, AND throw a party casually centered around the themes of terror and mayhem?  And the most memorable costumes, celebrations, and decorations are also the ones with a touch of originality. 

But even if you’re the most imaginative out of everyone you know, it can be tough to get into the dark creative spirit of the season. How many Octobers of years past have you started out the mouth vowing to throw an inventively ghoulish gathering, create cleverly carved pumpkins, or fashion a memorable get-up…all to fall back on a reused costume from last year, and a boring party (chips and beer) with predictable decorations (spider webs and paper skeletons)?
Join us on October 16 at 4PM EST (1PM PST) for a live chat on just about how to spark your Halloween creativity  — from putting together your costume, spookyifying your home, throwing a horrifying party, and more.

Got a question or something to share about getting creative for Halloween? Post it in the comments section below, on our Facebook page, or in a tweet to us at @DailyLounge (just be sure to tag it with the hashtag #CreateHalloween).


Cheryl Najafi is a NY Times Bestselling author, lifestyle expert and CEO of, which develops, test and delivers dependable recipes, tips, diys and how-to videos to women everywhere. Cheryl has traveled cross country for countless TV and radio appearances and will be touring with her new cookbook, Mother Daughter Dishes, this fall.



Amy Anderson is the author of two blogs, Mod Podge Rocks and Washi Tape Crafts, and a contributor to many others. She has been blogging for five years, and for the last year full time. She loves crafts, pugs and the color blue. She released her first book, Mod Podge Rocks, in 2012.  


Bird is the founder of Bird's Party - an online destination for all things celebratory! Her party designs and styled events have been featured on numerous international publications both in print and online.Her passion for all things party and handmade, has led to the publication of her own magazine and first party book in 2014.



Heather Dalton is a graphic designer and the owner of Chickabug, a fine stationery and party printables company that specializes in children's birthday parties. She believes that when it comes to parties, it's the little touches that matter most - love is in the details! Heather shares party inspiration and DIY crafting ideas on the Chickabug Blog, as well as Facebook and Pinterest


[Top pic via Flickr - Nick Taylor. Additional promo pics via Flickr - Kristin Ausk & zombieite]



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  • Picture of Shane R.

    I love Halloween so much. I wish I had the funds to put on a Halloween party every year. I look forward to this live chat.

    Shane R. --- Oct 14, 2014 - 1:21 PM

  • Picture of jhnsnmp

    Seems like I always miss the live chats grin The weeks prior to Halloween I start looking for MYO decorations, but never get around to doing it. This year we will be grandparents for the 1st time, so I hops to get back into the spirit.

    jhnsnmp --- Oct 15, 2014 - 5:12 AM

  • Picture of Angela P

    I love Halloween…My hubby teases me that he thinks I have more decor for this holiday than Christmas.  Does anyone have any photography tips on taking great pics of your lit up pumpkins like in the photo above!?  Looking forward to your creative tips!

    Angela P --- Oct 15, 2014 - 8:49 AM

  • Picture of niall

    Doesn’t everyone love Halloween?

    niall --- Jun 22, 2015 - 10:03 AM

  • Picture of niall

    niall --- Jun 22, 2015 - 10:04 AM

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