Minding Your Own Business: Microbusiness and the New Economy

Join us Monday, June 17th, at 4 PM, ET/ 1 PM, PT for a Roundtable discussion on the growing trend of Americans who are single-handedly starting and running their own businesses.

As the structure of the economy has changed in the last few years — with pensions, job stability, and career advancement becoming less of a sure thing — more people than ever are taking the leap and becoming entrepreneurs. From tech start-ups based anywhere with complimentary Wi-Fi to hobbies turned into home-run enterprises, people are launching their own businesses, often with just themselves (or a few others) as employees. So called “microbusinesses” (classified as having less than five people on staff and under $1 million in sales) are changing the economic landscape as much as they are changing with it. We’ll discuss the rise of these tiny ventures, the challenges they face, and just what it takes run your own microbusiness with our panel of experts:

Frédérique Irwin has worked with and advised CEOs and Senior Executives of national and global companies during times of strategic change and strategy shifts. She applies her entrepreneurial experience to help women business owners achieve the next stage of growth through the in-person forums offered via the DC-area based organization Her Corner.



Barbara Weltman is an attorney, a prolific author, and a trusted professional advocate for small businesses and entrepreneurs. She is a guest columnist for The Wall Street Journal and U.S. News and World Reports. She's also the publisher of Idea of the Day and monthly e-newsletter Big Ideas for Small Business at BarbaraWeltman.com and co-hosts on Business Leaders radio. Follow her on Twitter @BarbaraWeltman.


Josh Patrick has spent his adult life running and building businesses. He's the founding Principal of Stage 2 Planning Partners, whose purpose is to help their Clients make their lives better. Josh specializes in working with private business owners on risk assessment, cash flow planning, investment planning, retirement plan design, and many other business value building strategies. 



Mary Yoon is Director of Global Products at PayPal. She has been working with small businesses at PayPal for over eight years on many products that have simplified the lives of small businesses, like online payments, PayPal Here, and debit cards.

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