A More Creative Student: Why the Arts in Education Matter

Tuesday, Aug 26, 2014 — 4:00 EST

Education experts around the world are increasingly highlighting the importance that the arts (whether they be musical, visual, dramatic, etc) play in learning, particularly when it comes to young children. And yet, for some reason, it’s one of the first things to be cut when school budgets get tight.

Join us on August 26th at 4PM EST / 1PM PST for a live roundtable discussion on the significance that the arts play in one’s education, the challenges of teaching it, and what parents, educators, and students can do to help foster arts appreciation in today’s schools.

You can even tweet your questions to us beforehand (and even in the middle of the conversation) at @DailyLounge with #ArtsEdChat.

Our panel includes:

Sandra Ruppert is Director of the Arts Education Partnership (AEP), a Washington DC-based nonprofit and nonpartisan membership organization representing the top leaders of state education agencies, where she leads a national network of organizations dedicated to ensuring every young person in America receives a complete and competitive education that includes the arts. 


Melissa Edwards thinks there is creativity inside each of us! We may not recognize it or be able to express it, but it is there! As a teacher, gifted specialist, instructional technologist, blogger, and pd facilitator, she's seen ways creative thinking skills can make connections for learning. She enjoys working with teachers to tap into that creativity and help students think critically, create, collaborate, and become lifelong learners.


Kristen Engebretsen is the Education Program Manager for Americans for the Arts. She works with the Arts Education Network and its elected council to ensure the advancement of arts education throughout the country. She's also performed with a professional symphony on the string bass, both in the US and abroad, and taught dance at various arts education organizations.


Live Blog Why the Arts in Education Matter

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