There’s No Place Like a Smart Home

Thursday, Apr 17, 2014 — 4:00 EST

Maybe it’s because we grew up watching the Jetsons, but there’s just something appealing about the idea of living in a high-tech home with remote control features and automated appliances to meet almost all our household needs.   

Unfortunately, while we do live in the future — we don’t live that far in the future.

Or maybe we do.  One of the hottest growing categories of consumer electronics is the smart home category. What originally many saw as impractical technology used mainly by the ultra-wealthy (like being able to send a tweet from your refrigerator) is slowly becoming must-have add-ons for homeowners. From security systems that connect to your smartphone (so you can keep an eye on things while you're away) to thermostats that “learn” your family’s habits (to better manage usage and conserve energy), smart home tech is not only becoming more affordable, it’s becoming more practical (and cooler).       

Join us April 17th at 4PM EDT / 1PM PDT for a live roundtable discussion on this burgeoning field of consumer technology. We’ll be talking with a panel of experts on the reality vs. the misconceptions of smart homes, where the technology is heading, and what’s available on the market today (including for you renters). 

You can tweet any questions for our panel before (and even during) the chat to @DailyLounge with the hashtag #SmartHomes.

Meet our panel:

Ashley Feinberg is a Staff Writer at Gizmodo where she's been covering all things tech and science-related for the past year-and-a-half (although she takes particular pleasure in hunting down some of the more bizarre corners of the internet). You can find her work for Gizmodo at or follow her on Twitter at @ashfein.



Andrew Kippen oversees marketing at Canary.  He has helped startups on both coasts take their products to market since before YouTube. Prior to Canary he led marketing at Boxee, an Internet TV startup that was eventually acquired by Samsung.




Tara Bellucci is a Boston-based lifestyle writer and entrepreneur with a background in real estate, design, and marketing. A writer for Apartment Therapy, she contributes House Tours, DIY posts, and the latest happenings in the industry via Design News. You can follow her on Twitter at @tbella.

[Pic via Flickr - Lokesh Dhakar]  

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