All the Face Punching of “Road House” and Nothing Else

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All the Face Punching of “Road House” and Nothing Else

By: Dave Odegard 86

You don’t have to be an action movie aficionado to understand the uniqueness of the late Patrick Swayze. Swayze, who is best known for his performance in classic “chick flicks” (Dirty Dancing and Ghost), brought his own approach to kicking ass when it came to venturing into the genre. Arnold Schwarzenegger had the bulky muscular physique, Clint Eastwood used his glare and gravelly voice to reflect grit, Bruce Willis brought a blue-collar smart-ass vibe, Van Damme had the kicking (no, serious that’s in EVERY single movie), and Matt Damon turned the genre all on its head by coming at it with the realism of stiffened movements drilled through training. But Swayze? Swayze was the soulful action hero.

This is hardly new ground. But a quick rundown of the church of Swayze basically comes to two movies: Road House and Point Break — the “Old Testament and New Testament” of Swayze-ology, if you will.

And recently the Internet has been alight with the below video featuring footage from the Swayze-ism Old Testament, Road House. If you’re a non-believer unfamiliar with scripture, allow us to summarize.Road House follows the exploits of famed-bouncer/rowdy bar tamer Dalton (no first name given) who, between breaking up fights, spits out philosophic gems like “Pain don’t hurt” and “Nobody ever wins in a fight.” He’s a bouncer with a soul, you see (and a degree in Philosophy from NYU). But Dalton is put to the test when he rides into town to save the infamously out-of-control Double Deuce and runs a foul of the local crime boss and his goons. So he stops breaking up fights, and starts one. The movie is a tribute to macho stoicism and the simple spiritualism of fighting the good fight.

The YouTube video, which was just uploaded on Sunday, features nothing but all the footage of people getting punched in the face throughout Road House. It’s 45-seconds long and reminds us faithful followers of Swayzlam that underneath all that tough guy philosophizing, there’s a whole lot of dudes getting punched. No seriously, a lot. Just watch.


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