Did You Win a ChargerLeash Charge & Sync Smart Cable?

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Did You Win a ChargerLeash Charge & Sync Smart Cable?

By: Danielle Thillet

Your life probably runs on tech. Whether it's for work, making plans with friends, or creative side products,  you'll always NEED to have your laptop, smartphone, or tablet nearby. And it's great that all of your most important devices are portable, to allow you to always be getting stuff done, on the go. But how often have you headed out for a meeting, the airport, or whereve...and forgotten your charger? It's the worst! You end up with just a few hours of battery life before you're stopped dead in your tracks. Luckily, ChargerLeash makes it so you never forget your power source again!

ChargerLeash is the first Charge & Sync Smart USB cable designed to eliminate the loss of chargers for portable devices. Just as the name implies, this cable “leashes” your device to its power source, issuing an audible alert when you unplug your device. It also doubles as an anti-theft system, alerting you if someone tries to snag your stuff while you're in a public space. Now you can feel safe picking up your frappicino from the barista, while you leave your device charging at the cafe table. They're compatible with Apple, Windows, Blackberry, Samsung, and Android products. And we're giving  A BUNCH of them away!*

25 readers will have the chance to select a ChargerLeash that best suits their needs (and their device). All you have to do is sign up using the form below! Enter by signing into Facebook, or providing an email address. (Don't worry, we'll never share your info with anyone else), then like Daily Lounge and ChargerLeash on Facebook and you're all set! You can get additional entries by following us on Twitter or tweeting about the giveaway. Tweet just once a day for more chances to win! 

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Winners will be announced on Friday, September 5th — so be sure to check back here for the results!

Good luck! 

*All international winners will have to pay for shipping outside of the United States. Sorry, foreign friends!


Edit (9/5/2014): We've randomly selected our winners for this giveaway! Congratulations:

Shellie C.,

Emelyn T.,

Bailey D.,

Dunamis B.,

Kimberly C.,

Eilsel O.,

Tammy S.,

Jayson B.,

Mikee A.,

Herald B.,

Eliesse Q.,

Sam F.,

Kristen M.,

Lorraine C.,

Mike S.,

Jacob M.,

Heidi V.,

Christine R.,

Trudy Z.,

Domo K.,

Lori J.,

Natosha M.,

Annette P.,

Santiago G., and

Bev W. (Phew!)

Please check your email so you can receive info on how to claim your prize
Thanks to everyone who entered! Keep checking back with Daily Lounge for more exciting giveaways!

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  • Samsung galaxy note 3

    Irish Bonita Evangelio --- Sep 03, 2014 - 12:34 PMReply

  • Picture of Dunamis B.

    hi! I’m one of the winners but I did’nt receive any email from you? would you mind sending it again. thanks!

    Dunamis B. --- Sep 07, 2014 - 6:59 AMReply

  • Picture of Dunamis B.

    Hey. thanks! I just receive your email.

    Dunamis B. --- Sep 09, 2014 - 3:32 AMReply

  • Picture of mike snyder

    i won a charger and got e-mail.while at charger site i could not find anywhere to click on products so i cannot claim mine,am i doing something wrong?

    mike snyder --- Sep 10, 2014 - 12:11 PMReply

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