Here’s a Viral Video of Hipster Girls Rapping About Reading

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Here’s a Viral Video of Hipster Girls Rapping About Reading

By: Dave Odegard 86

We’re pretty big fans of song parodies here at the Daily Lounge HQ, it’s one of the many reasons that we’re constantly blasting Weird Al Yankovic around the office. Plus, we’re big fans of reading. What can we say? Books! We love them!

So you can imagine how much we’re enjoying this “B*tches in Bookshops” video that’s just popping up all over the Internet. The video/song features aspiring rappers La Shea Delaney and Annabelle Quezada espousing their love of reading via the style of Jay-Z and Kanye West’s hit “N*ggas in Paris” all around New York City. And of course some of the town’s more famous bookstores make appearances in the background.

Part of the fun of watching this video is seeing just how many literary mentions Delany and Quezada (who also wrote and directed) make throughout the song that we get. It’s basically a reading list as a hardcore rap that makes you feel like badass for having an extensive library. Personally, we have to respect a rap about books that mentions Goosebumps right after making an Ayn Rand reference. Oh, and even through we’re huge tablet and e-reader fans, we have to acknowledge that Kindle crack at the 2:09 mark is pretty good.  It’s also kind of refreshing to see viral video featuring women take off that doesn’t feature them being incredibly stupid.

We think maybe this is the type of “reading is cool” music video that should be shown to kids in school. It’s more inspiring than of those official sanctioned rap videos put together by school faculty and student AV club members—middle-aged school librarians just don’t know how to spit rhymes. We know it at least makes us want to crack open a few tomes. Well done, ladies.

[Pic via Screengrab]

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