Is This Video of an Eagle Snatching a Baby Real?

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Is This Video of an Eagle Snatching a Baby Real?

By: Dave Odegard 86

Just when you thought there was nothing else to fear, the latest video of nature being terrifying hits the Internet and spreads like wildfire. If you haven’t seen it yet — check out the below video of an eagle swooping down and picking up a baby with its talons. Thankfully, the offending bird of prey drops the kid after a second. But is it real?

According to the uploader’s comments on YouTube, this all went down in a park in Montreal, which is supported by the bilingual description and the fact that the guy filming talks to the kid’s dad in French. We’re guessing the translation is something along the lines of “Holy shit! Did you see that eagle just try and steal my kid?!”

The footage was uploaded on Tuesday and by Wednesday morning had surged on sites likes Reddit and Gawker. As with any sudden burst of online attention, it immediately attracted skeptics. Reddit user Unidan, who claims to be a biologist and says the video is going making the rounds through scientists’ emails, notes that some experts on birds are “finding the eagle’s movements a bit wonky, possibly CGI.” Then there’s this video response already on YouTube claiming to prove that that the whole thing is computer generated and cites as evidence in the video comments the “way the baby falls” and “doesn’t react to anything,” the eagle’s disappearing shadow, as well as the fact that “everything else in the pictures stays the same, it's only the camera that moves.”

Now, as much as we’d like to believe that this is real. It wouldn’t surprise us if it was fake. There’s no discernably possible product that this could be a viral marketing push for (American Eagle? Anheuser-Busch? Are there any other company’s associated with eagles?). So more than likely this is someone showing off their filmmaking skills while pranking the online world.

If it is fake, then we want to congratulate the culprit on a job well done. This was definitely a much needed mood lightener to help us escape the recent grimness in the news. Also, the Chariots of Fire music playing during the slow-motion recap was a nice touch.

[Pic via screengrab]

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