Roundtable: Surviving the College Credit Crunch. Today 4PM EDT/ 1PM PDT


Roundtable: Surviving the College Credit Crunch. Today 4PM EDT/ 1PM PDT

By: Rob Floyd

Join us on August 20th, at 4PM EDT/ 1PM PDT for an online round table discussion on budgeting for college and dealing with debt!

Getting a college education has become pretty much mandatory for having a successful career – And with more people going to college, the cost of tuition has spiked. The amount of student loan debt has increased to astronomical proportions. It’s estimated that of the 20 million people who attend college in America every year, nearly 60% will borrow annually to help cover the cost of their education. According to various reports, there’s somewhere between $902 billion and $1 Trillion in outstanding student loan debt currently in this country.   

How did we get here? Can a young person even get a college education without going into serious debt? What are some ways students can save some money when going to school? And what can we as society do to help them?

With our esteemed panel of experts, we’ll hopefully answer these questions and more!

Mark Huelsman is a research analyst at the Institute for Higher Education Policy, where he is responsible for the development  of the organization’s research publications, and supporting and maintaining IHEP’s relationships with partnering organizations. His research interests include the role of financial aid, tax, and other policy incentives in promoting access, as well as the role of savings and family assets in inducing college completion. 


Fanny Seto blogs about working at home and frugal living at Living Richly on a Budget. She is also the author of the Amazon best-seller, Eating Organic on a Budget. Her second ebook, Eating Gluten-Free on a Budget will be available on Amazon this month. She believes that education is invaluable but it doesn't end after a college degree.


Luke Herrine is a member of Strike Debt New York, an organization grown out of the Occupy movement and is self-described as a "nationwide movement of debt resistors fighting for economic justice and democratic freedom." Chapters exist in many locations across America, including the Bay Area, Oregon, Philadelphia, and Chicago. Each group operates autonomously, but all are united by their shared principles

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