Hollywood Musicals That Are Still Worth Singing About

If you’re someone who keeps up with movies, then you know that Les Miserables, one of the most well-known musicals in the world, brought in a whopping $18.2 million, it was the fourth-highest Christmas opening ever, which is pretty impressive when you consider the quality and commercial success of movie musicals lately (Daniel Day-Lewis, what
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Heart & Home

Science Says It's Healthier to Give Than Receive

Let's start with an easy question: Why does everyone like Christmas and Hanukkah and other events where gifts are involved? It's an easy question because there's an easy answer. People enjoy those events because people like getting stuff. It's not because they like giving gifts. This is obvious, right? Well, that's just too bad, because a study Read More


FINALLY! Chocolate Is a Health Food

Most people try to justify their favorite junk food. Bacon cheeseburgers have protein, potato chips are a source of starch, ice cream gives you calcium, etc. But must of us know that those are pretty flimsy statements. Luckily, the government has decided that one of the most beloved junk foods on the planet might have some health benefits after Read More


According to Science, the Holidays Confuse Our 'Food Clock'

The holiday season is near and that means we are now all resigned to accept a few things: That time flies no matter what happens, that having a large extended family is good only in theory, and that our bellies are fatter than they were just about two months ago. The latter can be explained by the obvious — that we eat because there's so much Read More
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