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Need to Boost Grandma's Brain Muscles? Have Her Play Video Games

Another day, another study claiming that video games aren’t actually as bad as we all thought they were. What benefit can video games claim this time? Allegedly, keeping the mind sharp as we age. A study in the scientific journal Nature showed that video games can help older adults with concentration. In the study, a group of 70 to
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It Looks Like Cavemen Were Actually Good Parents

For the most part, cavemen don't have the best reputation. We can start with the name itself — no one even calls them by their correct term. Instead of Neanderthal, they're cavemen. Men in caves. That's it! But it doesn't get better from there. In general, we think of them as brutes without much to offer. However, according Read More
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A New Study Says Coffee Can Help Your Liver

Coffee, as you know, is absolutely amazing. It powers you through sleepy mornings and provides a socially acceptable way to be intoxicated. In addition to that, it's good for you. The latest finding? Drinking coffee — decaf or caffeinated — will help you maintain a healthy liver. So drink up some joe, people! The study was massive, which means Read More
Meditation good for you

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According to Science, Meditation Is Super Good for You

Most people, when they think about meditating, they think in the most ridiculous terms. There's a long haired guy, smoking pot and talking about the "Chill vibes" he experiences, and maybe the "Fatty grilled cheese" he eats afterward. Toss in some music by Ravi Shankar and you've got the whole mediation stereotypes nailed down pat. However, as Read More
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