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The Best Vice-Presidential Stories in History

It turns out the "second most important job in the land" has somehow been occupied by a range of weird and/or criminal elements that you probably never heard of, ranging from Elbridge Gerry (who?) to Spiro Agnew (eww). Here’s our list of the weirdest, most interesting, most entertaining VP stories in history: Aaron Burr Shoots Alexander
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Spilling Coffee is in Our DNA

You can't expect scientists to always focus their collective brains on important issues like curing devastating diseases or solving society's problems. Sometimes, even those guys have to let loose and explore some really insignificant items. Such is the case with a paper being published in the American Physical Society's Physical Read More


When the Movie Is Better than the Book

It’s a truism among biblio- and cinephiles both that books are always better than movies that are based on them. Actually, though, there is a history of great films that are actually better than the books they are based on. As part of our ongoing fascination with the relationship between books and movies, we present -- five movies that are Read More
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