The Political Rise of Elizabeth Warren

Elizabeth Warren may not be a household name, but she’s well on her way to becoming one. Readers who make an effort to stay-up on politics will recognize her name as one of the most vocal liberal voices calling for financial regulation in the wake of the banking crisis. And now it seems she may be to ride that reputation all the way to the U.S.
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Is “Sons of Anarchy” the Next “Sopranos”?

On Tuesday, the FX show Sons of Anarchy premiered its fourth season – pulling in close to 5 million viewers, the show’s largest audience for an episode ever. And thus kicking of the long gestating speculation that the cable TV crime drama centered around a Northern California biker gang and their ruling family has ascended as a true replacement Read More

Why Won’t Anyone Take Ron Paul Seriously?

If you happened to catch the Daily Show with John Stewart on Tuesday night, you probably caught Stewart point out an interesting disparity – the complete and utter lack of coverage by the news media of a major Republican candidate. If you can’t spare the four minutes and 20 seconds to watch it (Come on! It takes more time to cook and eat a hot Read More

The Art of the Superhero Movie

Another weekend, another superhero movie. This time it’s DC’s Green Lantern that’s making waves at the box office, which opened with a (relatively speaking) good-but-not-great $52.7 million in its first weekend. By now, the superhero movie – once an outpost of the sci-fi / fantasy genre – has become a fixture at the multiplex. That being so, we Read More
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