More Than Likely, You're Reading This Instead of Working

Hey, quick question: What are you doing reading this? Not that we don't want you to, we're glad you're here! But the problem is this likely has nothing to do with your job, and therefore falls into the "cyberloafing" category. This trend is essentially why the Internet continues to dominate our lives: It's an endless source of procrastination
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According to Science, the Holidays Confuse Our 'Food Clock'

We're almost at the end of the holiday season and that means we are now all resigned to accept a few things: That time flies no matter what happens, that having a large extended family is good only in theory, and that our bellies are fatter than they were just about two months ago. The latter can be explained by the obvious — that we eat Read More
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Brain Control Tech is Booming

Picture this: You're sitting at your kitchen table, and want to turn the TV to something better than "Yo Gabba Gabba," but the remote is in the other room. You concentrate, and presto, the remote is carried over to your hands, all with a little mind power. While that's not exactly happening right now, a few companies are moving closer to making Read More


Historical Tech: The Best Inventions in History

There’s no doubting that we live in a golden age of technology. We have access to more information and cooler gadgets than anyone in the history of our planet has ever had before. And innovations are only coming more and more quickly. Just think: fifteen years ago, the Internet barely even existed; today, we can’t imagine living without it. Read More
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