Summer Entertaining with Chef George Duran

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This year Chef Duran will share his favorite food, recipes, and kitchen must-haves just in time for Memorial Day and Summer Entertaining!

Omaha Steaks

This year I'm going to kick-off my summer BBQ with burgers...made from steak! Omaha Steaks makes 14 varieties of burgers from filet mignon, brisket, bison even salmon and pollock. As you know they are a fifth-generation family owned company providing the finest in premium, All-American grain-fed beef and gourmet foods for over a 100 years.

And on Wednesday May 16, for one-day only, you can get 8 of these burgers for just $5 at one of their 65 stores nationwide - get that grill ready or surprise Dad for Father’s Day!

They also have these new chef-prepped toppers like Crispy Onion and Jalapenos, Mushroom and Blue Cheese or Tomato Jam. These flavors are frozen fresh in these no-fuss metal trays that you can actually heat right on your grill - some are even just thaw and serve. Visit to learn more!

Ball Park Buns and Rolls

Now with all these great toppings, look for buns hearty enough to hold them. America’s favorite Ball Park hot dog and burger buns are perfect for grilling or parties and pretty much brings everyone together for a fun time. These Classic White Burger & Hot Dog Buns have a soft & smooth texture that will give all your grill favorites a wonderful fresh taste like my bacon mushroom swiss burger or even these scrumptious hot dogs. Click here to learn more and to find these delicious recipes!


One of my grilling secrets is to spread good quality butter on the buns then toasting them on the grill until golden brown before adding the burger or hotdog on it. I like using a premium butter by Finlandia, from the greenest country on the planet, Finland! It’s pure - they only use milk from grass-fed cows giving it a rich flavor and even giving their cheeses this great meltability as you can see here. There are many premium varieties of sliced cheese like Cheddar, Gruyere, Gouda, Havarti, and Swiss. Plus all of their cheese and butters are free from artificial hormones and are non GMO. Visit to get some delicious recipes and to learn more about their products.


Everyone is so preoccupied with grilling that they forget about the sides. A great tip is to have someone else, or in this case something else make them for you using an air fryer! They use little to no oil and that means less fat without losing any of the great taste. This is the DeLonghi Multifry and it makes sides like crispy sweet potato fries and mouth-watering buffalo wings with no added oil. But it’s also a multicooker capable of making casseroles like this mac and cheese. The removable mixing paddle consistently mixes your food, allowing you to air-fry, saute and even roast a variety of recipes without stirring. Their Patented Surround Cooking System cooks foods evenly achieving surprisingly delicious results. Click here to learn more about the De'Longhi air fryer.

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