Toy Fair NYC 2018

We're at Toy Fair NYC bringing you some of our favorites finds while walking around the show!

A huge congratulations to LEGO while they celebrate 60 years! As always, they had an amazing exhibit at Toy Fair New York! Follow LEGO on Facebook and Twitter.

We loved seeing a toy that teaches kids how to code. You might have seen them on the hit TV show, Shark Tank, Smart Gurlz is a fun new toy that teaches girls how to code using their smart phone or tablet. Make sure to follow them on Faceboook & Twitter!

Spin Master, the maker of SO MANY toys & games, wowed us again at Toy Fair NY. A couple things that caught our eye were the new toy, Boxer, a cute little robot that follows you around, plays games, and dances! It will be released and ready to join your home this Fall. Another thing that was really cool was their Kumi Kreator, a friendship bracelet maker. Gone are the days of sitting there, straining your fingers to make a single bracelet, now you can make them in a breeze using their bracelet maker. Little girls will love this! Make sure to follow Spin Master on Facebook and Twitter!

Here's a neat new product: a storybook projector from your smartphone! It uses the flashlight on your phone to project storybook images onto your ceiling or wall. All of the words to the story display within the Moonlite app, along with sound effects, background music and more! Follow them on Facebook & Twitter for more!

One of our favorites is always the Ooly colorables. They inspire creativity of all ages! This is one of their inflatable coloring toys; you simply color it, inflate, and then play! How neat! Make sure to follow Ooly on Facebook & Twitter!

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