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4th of July Entertaining with Chef Jamie Gwen

This slow-cooker recipe for BBQ pulled turkey wraps is an easy, delicious combination of oven roasted turkey, creamy slaw and tangy pickles. To give it a richer flavor, I use the #1 selling Quarter Sliced Turkey - Kentucky Legend - it’s double-smoked and it’s ready to eat. With 3 great flavors: Classic Oven Roasted, Hickory Smoked or Cajun-Style, add any of them to your favorite recipe for a tasty and healthy, quick-meal twist. Click here to learn more.

I love the freshness and flavor of this side dish. Pearls Olive Tortellini Salad is so easy to make for a grilling get-together. People who love olives, love and trust PEARLS. Both Pearls Black Ripe and Green Simply Olives are 100% grown and packed in sunny California and picked at the peak of freshness. More than any other olive company, Pearls is committed to keeping jobs in the U.S. and ensuring the highest quality olives in their cans and cups. Look for their sunny yellow packaging. Click here to learn more.

Sweetpotato fries are all the rage and I look for N. Carolina Sweetpotatoes for my fries. N. Carolina is the #1 Sweetpotato producer in the US and this year the North Carolina SweetPotato Commission is celebrating their 60th anniversary by making everyone aware that according to science, Sweetpotato is actually one word. Nutrient-dense with Vitamins A, C and fiber, they are sweetened from the earth and low in calories and Sweetpotatoes are versatile and have a long shelf-life – not to mention they are available all year long! Tasty, healthy and perfect for everyday meals. Click here to learn more. Make sure to follow them on social media for some tasty sweetpotato ideas! Facebook - Instagram - Twitter

Whether you’re planning a beach day, or having a BBQ with family, POM Antioxidant Super Teas is the perfect refreshing companion for summertime celebrations. POM Teas are great as a grab-and-go beverage – and they easily elevated into simple cocktails like this POM Tea Spritz, you can find the recipe at Each bottle of POM Tea is gently brewed to preserve its antioxidant goodness, offering the benefits of tea. A delicious and refreshing alternative to traditional ready-to-drink teas. Click here for the POM Tea Spritz recipe!

I LOVE Gouda on BBQ chicken tacos or Parmesan on Potatoes with a Lemony Aioli but try this: I made this Mixed Berry Trifle Shortcake and added aged cheddar cheese to give it the perfect combination of sweet and savory. AND here’s a Pro-tip: you want to buy the best quality cheese so look for the “Proudly Wisconsin Cheese” badge on the packaging. Wisconsin, The State of Cheese, is the only state to require a license to make cheese and they win more awards than any other state..or country! Click here for that amazing trifle recipe!

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