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"Back to Learning" Meal Ideas with Colleen Burns

Going back to school this year looks like no other. Some kids are home, some at school. My kids are a little of each! But no matter what your routine, one thing remains constant: you need to have quick and easy meals to keep you and your family fueled up for the day.

I have six boys, so you know how important food is at my house! I often look for high protein meals and snacks that I know will nourish my guys and keep them feeling full.

Jimmy Dean

How about the comforting taste of a breakfast casserole in a convenient little bite? I love these new Casserole Bites, made with Jimmy Dean sausage, real eggs and other favorites like bacon, potatoes and cheese. So easy to just pop a couple in the microwave.

Here’s another new protein packed breakfast idea if you’re counting calories. Jimmy Dean Delights Breakfast Wraps. They’re made with real veggies, all-natural turkey sausage or bacon and scrambled eggs in a whole wheat tortilla. My son Trey loves the cheesiness and crispy green peppers in the Turkey Sausage and Veggie version.

Hillshire Farm

Whether lunch is at school, home, or a break room, an easy filling solution is a sandwich, but it doesn’t have to be boring. Try a Garlic Mayo, Tukey and Ham sandwich using baked pizza dough for the bread. You can also make an easy Southwestern Ham Wrap using cream cheese, veggies, and taco seasoning and slice into fun pinwheels for kids. I like using Hillshire Farm lunch meat because there are no nitrites, nitrates or artificial flavors added. It’s also great as a salad topping or I’ll find myself rolling-up lunchmeat as a quick protein snack for the afternoon.

Tyson Brand

What food isn’t more comforting to a kid than chicken nuggets? They’re a great solution for a well-rounded, quick and filling snack when your kids get the hangries. Tyson’s Fun Nuggets are made with all white meat, no antibiotics and whole grain breading which I love, and my Sammy loves the dinosaur shapes!

They take just minutes in the oven or microwave, and pair great with dipping sauces and finger-friendly veggies.


I’m spending more time in the kitchen like a lot of parents, and while trying out new recipes is fun for me, I find my family is really comforted by the warmth and aromas of the food and time together.

One skillet meals are always a great solution for dinner and a way to use up leftovers. Aidell’s sausages are a great protein to use for your base because of the bold flavor combinations. The Chicken & Apple Sausage goes great with a starch like sweet potatoes and then throw in any veggies, especially those about to expire. Onions, peppers. Cover and simmer about 45 minutes until the potatoes are soft.

For more information on these products and recipe inspiration, visit Jimmy Dean, Hillshire Farm, Tyson Brand or Aidells online.

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