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Celebrating National Pet Month with Colleen Burns

Bo Peep and I are so excited May is national pet month. It's a chance for pet parents to give back to those furry friends who give us so much love.

Nothing says love better than treats! But I want to make sure I’m smart about what I give her and this is what I’ve found! Two new products from Nudges, Jerky Bones and Jerky Chews. They are all natural, made with real chicken and beef, and no rawhide. So they're longer lasting but easy to digest. Bo loves these and I can find them right at for less than $14/bag. Or get them in the pet aisle of retail stores nationwide this month.

Pet hair is not the best part of being a pet parent but now that's not a problem. We invested in iRobot's Roomba i7+ robotic vacuum and not only can I activate it with my finger or even my voice, it docks and empties itself automatically. So I only have to throw away dog hair and dust once every couple of months. Software is automatically updated. I can create keep out zones to avoid pet dishes and other obstacles. And during pet shedding season Roomba can suggest extra cleanings. Save $200 right now thru the 8th of May. Click here to learn more.

De-shedding and bathing your pets can cut down on the hair in your home, that's why I'm glad I found these HandsOn Gloves! They've won awards for best grooming product because your hands stay clean and your pet doesn't even realize she's being groomed. The gloves let you massage muscles and increase circulation for dogs, cats, horses, and other pets. Go to right now to get 20% off and free shipping, use coupon code DL20 during checkout.

We know it’s tough to think about losing our pets—they’re part of the family and to make sure “love lasts forever” some people are choosing cloning. Companies like Viagen let you store your pet’s genetic material for $1600 plus an annual fee. If and when you decide to clone it’s $50k for a dog or $35k for a cat. Not inexpensive, but some may feel it’s reasonable—like sending a child to college or paying for a wedding. Visit to learn more.

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