Back to School 2014 with Reyne Rice



It's that time of year again, those dreaded words, BACK TO SCHOOL! That doesn't mean the fun has to stop, kids can learn AND have fun with these neat items our Toy Trend Expert Reyne Rice has found.


LEGO DUPLO Deluxe Box of Fun

Give your pre-schooler hours of entertainment with the LEGO DUPLO Deluxe Box of Fun! This set makes the perfect introduction to building with pieces designed specifically for little hands and can be built by the kids themselves. With 95 pieces of classic and special DUPLO bricks, this set can teach counting with the decorated number blocks and inspire role play with the DUPLO figures, opening up a world of imagination and creativity for your child. Learn more about LEGO DUPLO here.


LEGO Juniors

LEGO Juniors are tailor-made to transition young builders to classic LEGO brick building. This Easy to Build set, LEGO Junior Batman: Defend the Batcave, includes modular pieces such as walls and archways for quick brick builds, a vehicle and three mini-figures: Batman, Robin and the Joker. Kids develop math and logic learning PLUS storytelling for developing language skills. Step-by-step storybook instructions and photo inspiration get young builders started. Learn more about LEGO Juniors here.

Kids love being active and keeping their brains engaged also prevents them from getting bored. Early Learning Academy is an award-winning educational website for kids ages 2 to 6. Developed by teachers and learning experts, this site has over 5,000 skill-building activities to provide hundreds of hours of fun .. that means kids will actually WANT to use it! The Step by Step Learning Path customizes the experience for each child, allowing them to build self confidence by learning at their own pace. It can be accessed from computers and most mobile devices, anytime - anywhere. It's a 100% educational and safe online environment, with no advertising or links to other websites. Find out more about enrolling your child at!



Oregon Scientific SmartGlobe Infinity

Becoming a global citizen is important and Oregon Scientific is a leader in creating global learning tools. The SmartGlobe Infinity opens up the world with the touch of the Smart Pen. Kids will learn history, fascinating facts and global knowledge using the Bluetooth wireless talking Smart Pen to guide their experiences with dozens of fun interactive games and challenges. This SmartGlobe is constantly updated online, providing an ever current view of world content. Learn more about the SmartGlobe Infinity here.