Early Bird Holiday Toys with Reyne Rice 2016



Ready to get a jumpstart on your holiday shopping? Toy Expert, Reyne Rice, has the toys that are topping your kid's lists!



Brightlings from Spin Master

The Brightlings from Spin Master are interactive dolls that will be your kid’s silliest sidekick. Kids can have so much fun playing more than 100 silly sayings, or recording anything and then playing it back in Brightlings’ unique voice. Tilt their head from side to side to change the voice from high to low. Create your own song in 6 different styles of music including pop, yodeling, opera, and even beat boxing. These dolls are loveable and fun – perfect for kids as they’re exploring their creativity. Click here to learn more!


Schleich's Big Adventure at the Waterhole

Kids will go wild over the Schleich’s Big Adventure at the Waterhole. This playset features over 20 wild animals and accessories - including an exclusively painted white lion and lion cub. Awarded the National Parenting Product Award, this playset is a perfect introduction to wildlife. With over 100 animals to collect, your child can truly explore the world of wild animals. Click here to learn more!


Riding Center from Schleich's Horse Club

Another winner of the 2016 National Parenting Product Award and Seal of Approval, the Riding Center from Schleich’s Horse Club is a great addition to any child’s horse collection. With over 40 accessories, including an Arabian mare with rider, children can create a separate riding arena to add to their adventures. Learn more here.


GeoSmart: Remote Control Mars Explorer

GeoSmart, from Smart Toys and Games, has evolved the future of magnetic construction.  It begins with strong magnets, bright colors, and durable pieces. You can get an open ended set for hours of creativity or get this Remote Control Mars Explorer Vehicle Magnetic Building Set. The pieces feature a patented double-lock safety system and are a great choice for fun, creative, STEM learning, at home or in the classroom. Click here to learn more!

Worry Eaters

These incredibly soft plush pals are not only great to cuddle with, they also have an appetite for worries! Worry Eaters from the Haywire Group are a great way to share your troubles. Simply write down what is worrying you, zip it up in your pal’s mouth, and let them carry your concerns for you. A helpful tool for parents to find out what their child is thinking, and to teach them how to successfully cope and problem-solve. Click here to learn more!