Last Minute Gifts for Kids


Written and Produced By: Amelia Floyd

 With the biggest shopping weekend ahead, there's still plenty of time to get the kids something awesome! Reyne Rice is bringing you the best last minutes gifts for kids!  




The new LEGO DUPLO "My First Train Set" is designed for preschoolers which features a steam train model! With a simple push of a button, the motorized train travels around the tracks making some really awesome realistic train sound effects. DUPLO building toys are specially designed for small hands and are 100% compatible with all LEGO sets. Learn more about LEGO DUPLO's "My First Train Set" here.



Sphero 2.0

Ever heard of a smartphone controlled robotic ball? Well, now you have … and it’s awesome! The people at Sphero have launched their new Sphero 2.0 just in time for the holidays. Kids and adults alike will love this little futuristic toy, cats & dogs will love it too! It’s a little unique gaming device that you control using your smartphone or tablet. iOs and Android compatible. Learn more here.



Kyocera Hydro Elite

You can’t talk holiday shopping without talking about phones. Meet the Kyocera Hydro Elite. Sounds fancy, and it is! The Hydro Elite is the sleek new 4G LTE Smartphone from Kyocera. It’s durable, waterproof and comes protected out of the box. No need to spend big bucks on a case! Drop it in the pool, you’re good. Drop it in the toilet (because who hasn’t done that before), you’re still good! (Just make sure it gets a good cleaning.) This phone is certified to be dispensed in water a meter deep for half an hour! The perfect gift for your teen, tween or clumsy family member. Free with Verizon. Learn more here.




Available in four adorable animal characters, Digipals are mobile device companions for kids that feature a microfiber compartment fitted for most Smartphones, MP3 players and small point-and-shoot cameras. The unique microfiber allows kids to clean their screens without the use of any chemicals, and the material does not leave behind dust, lint or scratches.They come with a zippered compartment to carry ID's, money, earbuds or lip balm making them the ideal accessory for protecting children's devices. Learn more about these cute companions here.