Make Learning Fun with Reyne Rice


Schools have increased their focus on STEM subjects (science, technology, engineering, and math) and in many schools they are broadening that focus to STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts, and math). But the learning is not just happening in the classroom, it's happening at home too! Companies in the education space are making fun and engaging products that are capturing boys' and girls' imaginations and simplifying what used to be considered difficult subjects. Toy and game expert, Reyne Rice, shares a few products & services that are getting kids excited about learning!

Youth Digital

Youth Digital has a goal to create active creators and not passive consumers, with tangible, hands-on digital learning-by-doing for kids ages 8 to 14. Their Youth Digital technology tools provide relevant examples of STEM and coding practice to teach kids about Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math with real, concrete examples AND with topics they are interested in, like Minecraft! They also teach kids around the world about creating digital animated movies, developing apps, using 3D programming and printing, learning fashion design tools and more! Founded in 2010, Youth Digital has empowered more than 55,000 students to become digital creators through summer camps, after-school programs and through an expanding portfolio of introductory and advanced online courses. How do they do this and make it fun? Youth Digital provides kids with a comprehensive learning experience that includes watching video tutorials, responding to questions, earning badges, completing interactive quizzes, and by attempting challenging assignments as they step toward mastering critical technology skills and professional-level software. As you can see, there is so much to learn ... and it's fun! Visit Youth Digital to learn more.


Trade More. Save More.

With GameStop's Trade More, Save More program, parents are teaching their kids about the financial life skills that are important - with real life education that uses relevant examples about choices and money management. Do you have a gaming console or video games that are just sitting there collecting dust? Well, dust them off and bring them to GameStop! Trade in what you have at any GameStop location and put the value towards the purchase of the newest educational video games for your kids, or even the newest tech - such as tablets! Once your kids outgrow their educational game, upgrade to a new one through the trade-in process. GameStop will be offering a guaranteed $30 value on select titles releasing through the end of the year. So, trade more to save more! Did you know you can even keep up to date with what's new, available and more via their apps? Get it at the app store on iOS and Android! So check out to see how your old games and consoles can save you some cash!



Casio CGP-700 Compact Grand Piano

Great for back-to-school and ideal for a variety of skill levels, Casio's new Compact Grand Piano delivers groundbreaking technology, a sensational sound system and a world class keyboard action that is perfect for aspiring and professional pianists alike. The CGP-700 is equipped with Casio's Color Touch Interface(TM) which features a premium icon-based 5.3" touch display. It also features Casio's Tri-Sensor 88-note scaled hammer action keyboard with simulated ebony and ivory keys, as well as a unique 3-way sound system with 40 watts of total amplification, 550 built-in tones, 200 rythms, two headphone jacks and more! Visit to learn more!