New York Toy Fair 2015 with Reyne Rice



Our Toy Trend Expert Reyne Rice is at the New York Toy Fair showing us some of her favorite finds this year. 


Large LEGO Creative Brick Box

Celebrating imagination, LEGO offers a creative building experience for the entire family. This Large LEGO Creative Brick Box features bricks in 33 different colos, along with doors, windows, wheels, eyes and more to create anything a child can imagine. There are six sets available, no instructions, but lots of visuals to get kids started with building, right out of the box! The package provides built-in storage, making cleanup easy. Learn more at and follow them on Facebook & Twitter



Disney Imagicademy

From Disney Imagicademy, we have Mickey's Magical Arts World. With five inter-connected apps, children use learning-based tools to create their own Disney-inspired neighborhood. Kids can explore drawing, music, drama, cartooning and building skills. The Disney Imagicademy Parents companion app lets parents take an active part in their children's progess. By year-end, Apps for Math, Science, Reading and Social Skills will be included; for kids ages 3 - 8. Learn more at and be sure to follow them on Facebook!



Princess Power: Super Sparkle Barbie

Mattel found that 9 out of 10 girls wanted to be BOTH a SuperHero and a Princess, so they combined the two! The Barbie in Princess Power: Super Sparkle easily transforms from her pink princess gown to her Hero alter-ego. The DVD introduces Barbie as Kara the Princess that turns frenemies into friends using her magical SuperHero powers, special gadgets and everyday acts of "Being Super"! Visit to learn more and definitely visit their Facebook and Twitter pages for more info!



Ozobot is the world's smallest programmable robot and makes learning fun! Kids can program Ozobot to move and play on any surface. Using thick markers, kids can draw paths and instructions for this mini robot to follow on paper, OR use a tablet to unlock additional free apps. Using the new OzoGroove App, kids can teach their robot to dance and play other games as well! Visit to learn more. Want one? Click here to get it at Brookstone right now! Visit them on Facebook and Twitter too!


Carrera Digital 1:32 Hybrid Power Race Set

Let's put the pedal to the metal with the Carrera Digital 1:32 Hybrid Power Race Set! It includes 27 feet of reconfigurable track with two exclusive cars, the retro-look Porsche RS Spyder and the sleek LaFerrari by Ferrari. With a 50-year heritage, the retro Carrera racing system adds digital technology by combining physical race-cars with a unique digital wireless 2.4 GHz controller system. Beginners and more advanced driving enthusiasts can enjoy racing together! Learn more here. Check them out on Facebook and Twitter too!