Toy Fair 2014


Written and Produced By: Amelia Floyd

 We are coming to you straight from Toy Fair 2014 in New York City! Reyne Rice is giving us a rundown of some of the neatest finds this year!



New in 2014, LEGO announced a new line called LEGO Juniors. They are tailor made to transition young builders from DUPLO to classic LEGO brick building. We are showcasing the LEGO Batman: Defend the Batcave! We also have the LEGO Pony Farm. There are other sets which include superheroes, police and princesses! They all come with step-by-step story book style instructions and photo inspirations to get young builders started. Learn more about the new LEGO Juniors here.



The Beatrix Girls

The Beatrix Girls are a whole new line of collectible dolls. They form a REAL pop-star band standing at only 12 inches tall! With fully developed personalities, the four band members live and interact in the human world producing real music, real hits and real fans! Kids can collect their music, join their fan club and vicariously live the fantasy of being a pop-star through play. Learn more about how these dolls empower and inspire young girls through their music here.




Today, more than ever, children need a way to explore their feelings and learn about courage, acceptance and forgiveness in the face of bullying. The "Mookey" app is the newest installment in the Mama Mae and Lee Lee ebook activity series created by Grammy Award winning musician and mother, Alicia Keys. The topic is current and the app has the ability to facilitate the conversation among families, kids and teachers. Set in a colorful location, "Mookey" features an engaging digital eBook, activities, original music and a story topic that appeals to both girls and boys. Learn more about Mookey and the Mama Mae series here.


Kurio Phone

From the makers of the best-selling Kurio Android family tablets, comes the first ever Kurio Phone, the safest Smartphone for kids! It is an Android 4.2 fully loaded smartphone that has all of the features kids want, combined with the advanced parental controls and safety features that parents have been waiting for. Some key features include app management, time management, time control features and the Kurio Genius Internet filtering system for selecting age appropriate apps. Kids can alert parents in case of emergency and parents appreciate the geolocation and geofencing features so they know where their kids are. Learn more about the Kurio Phone here.