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Financial Tips with Financial Expert, Winnie Sun

In these times of uncertainty, many of us are looking for new ways to make our dollar go further. Here with some tips on how to get the best bang for your buck is financial expert Winnie Sun.

Consumers can make small changes that will save big and a good place to start is to review your budget, what you’re spending, and see if you can reduce your monthly costs. We have a lot of expenses that we pay on a recurring basis - things like subscriptions, your wireless phone, internet, insurance, or cable bills.

And as families navigate financial uncertainty, many companies are stepping up their value offerings, trying to hold on to existing customers or even win new ones with discounts to switch for new consumers to receive a similar service at a better, lower cost.

Consumers can find better deals on the things they are already paying for. For instance, MANY people have cut the cord with cable in recent years. Take a look at what your family is really watching and see if you truly need that full price cable bill. Also shop around for insurance, when was the last time you comparison shopped for auto or home?

Finally, I’d take a fresh look at your wireless phone bill. There’s been a lot of changes in the wireless industry these past few years and providers are competing on plans as the networks are getting more comparable.

However not all plans are created equal. For example, T-Mobile’s Magenta plans can save families $442 a year compared to similar offerings, and the thing that I love about this plan is that monthly taxes and fees are INCLUDED in that price. They promise no extra cost for access to 5G. And T-Mobile Magenta plans also offer TONS of freebies, like Netflix on Us, scam protection, international and domestic travel benefits, and free stuff and discounts from T-Mobile Tuesdays. Click here for more information.

Everyday I’m asked by viewers and clients, what actions they should be taking in today’s financial crisis. Should they take funds out of their 401k? For business owners, should they apply for the PPP and then when they receive, how do they keep track of expenses? These are great questions. At the heart of it, the answer is always the importance of getting proactive about your finances. You want to get comfortable with the basics of personal and business finance. And as we’re sheltered at home, this is a great time to get educated on your money.

My friends at Intuit, the company behind TurboTax, QuickBooks, and Mint are focused on helping each of us reach financial independence with tools that are easy to use.

On their webpage,, they are actively sharing info and tips for how you can handle your own money, with guides and tools designed for personal finance to business ownership, to even your student loan and taxes. And they have tools directly designed for the financial crisis we’re going through today: guides on how to access and navigate the U.S. Government aid and relief programs as well as ways to learn how to get more money in your pockets and stretch your money further.

Using knowledge engineering, the team developed several tools to help customers understand their eligibility for PPP loans and tax credits, including the Intuit Aid Assist tool, as well as several estimators to navigate tax credits allowed under the CARES Act. Click here for more information.

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