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Holiday Gift Guide & Black Friday Deals with Bob Guiney

What are some great gifts that also give back?

I like to give a great gift that also gives back. The United Healthcare Children’s Foundation has a variety of award-winning gift ideas that include everything from Oliver the teddy bear, (a soft huggable plush), the Little Book, Big Laughs joke books, and even holiday cards. 100% of the proceeds go to funding grants for families in need to help pay their child’s medical bills. UHCCF has already provided over $58 million! This holiday season let’s help them do more. Go to to purchase these gifts or to learn more.

What do you recommend for the person who’s tough to shop for?

The Kodak Luma 150 Portable Wireless Projector is perfect for “hard-to-shop-for-people”. It streams shows and films or screen-mirrors live from a computer. It’s compatible with 4k videos and projects up to 150 inches yet it’s light and compact, extremely portable (fits in almost any bag and takes up little to no room in storage) and gets up to 2.5 hours on battery power. Click here to learn more.

Speaking of battery power, the Anker Nano Pro 20W charges your iPhone to 50% in just 25 minutes using its USB-C plug. There’s also a 40W max Nano Pro that charges your MacBook Air at hi-speed, or it will charge your iPhone 13 and iPad at full speed at the same time. The Active Shield Safety System continuously monitors temperature and output control to protect your connected device. Use Promo Code: ANKER NANO PRO to get 10% off! Click here to learn more.

Any gifts that make life easier?

Make life easier with the latest in robotic vacuums. The eufy RoboVac X8 is an innovative laser navigation robotic vacuum cleaner with twin turbines —perfect for pet hair. By intelligently memorizing your house, RoboVac X8 can quickly build a virtual map for the most efficient cleaning route. It knows where to clean! You can customize cleaning areas, no-go zones, and more via the app. From now until December 12 Amazon Prime members get it for $419.99! Click here to learn more.

Now, I love the new Bartesian Premium Cocktail maker. It is the most convenient way to make quality cocktails at home. Simply fill with any brand of spirits you like, pick your favorite drink and insert one of over 40 (and counting) cocktail capsules which contain all of the real juices, bitters and mixers that you need. Select your drink strength (light, regular, or strong) and in about 20 seconds, you’ll have a premium cocktail: no need to measure, mix, or clean-up ... this machine does it all for you! For Black Friday go to to get $100 off an order of $400!

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