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Holiday Shopping 911 with Jennifer Jolly

With the clock ticking, how can we avoid shopping panic? Our tech expert, Jennifer Jolly is here to help! She has an awesome list of gifts to get ... and there's still time!

The Otter + Pop Symmetry Series is a case and a stand all in one — with a magical twist... You can actually swap out these little PopTop’s to match your mood, style, and occasion. It protects smartphones from drops, dips, spills, and you can use the swappable PopSocket PopGrip as a stand or easier way to hold your phone. It’s the best case scenario! Click here to learn more.

The KODAK SMILE Classic Instant Print Camera combines the best of the Kodak Smile Camera & Printer all in one awesomely updated retro-cool device. Your shots come out on this bigger-sized, sticky back Zink paper and … get this … you can embed a video on the printed image — then hold your phone over that image and see it come to life all Harry Potter style. Another one of my all-time faves! Click here to learn more!

Since we’re on this theme of do-everything devices… check out the ToastWave by Galanz. It’s a Microwave, Toaster Oven, Convection Oven, AND Air Fryer all in one. It incorporates true convection cooking while spinning your food 360-degrees, so it cooks faster and more even — no cold spots! Embedded sensors also make sure your meals are never under or overcooked, and the TotalFry 360 tech makes crispy, crunchy, air-fried-food perfection — without all the oil. Click here to learn more!

In the world of beauty-tech, another hot trend this holiday, take a look at Conair’s Unbound Cordless Auto Curling Iron. It’s rechargeable — you get a full hour on a single charge, and it has three heat and four timer settings — so you can customize it to give you tight curls to loose waves. It even has anti-tangle protection and a safety auto off feature. No fear of frying here! Click here to learn more.

Now here’s one for your holiday survival kit — download an app called K-Health. It’s FREE and gives you personalized health information on the spot. I mean, we all suffer from sniffles, colds, flus and a variety of other maladies this time of year, and rather than consult “Dr. Google” and fear the worst … K-Health looks at millions of people like you — same age, gender, medical profile — and based on your symptoms, lets you know what they were diagnosed with and how they were treated. That’s free, or chat with a licensed doctor for a diagnosis and prescription for $14 — or spend $39 for an annual subscription to the service. Click here to learn more.

Talking about survival - the Cricut Maker is the perfect gift and ultimate save the day device. This smart-cutting machine is great for the DIY and crafter in your life, or for yourself to put personal, creative touches on everything. You can use it to make so many handmade holiday gifts—mugs, notebooks and cards, custom cookie jars, wine glasses, embellished t-shirts and even gift tags. Click here to learn more!

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