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Mother's Day Gift Ideas with Colleen Burns (Sponsored)

We love our moms! We'll spend an average of $245 this year on Mother's Day... up 73% in the last four years!

What are some of the hottest gifts?

These new truly wireless earbuds from LG top the list. The LG TONE Free earbuds are the best looking and most convenient I've found. If you're like me, sometimes I'm so busy I forget to charge my earbuds but I can get an hour play time in just five minutes, plus the charging case has a UV nano feature that kills up to 99.9% of bacteria on the speaker mesh. A full charge gives me 10 hours of play time and my favorite part is I don't need two headsets when I travel. This unique charging case hooks up to an airplane jack and lets me enjoy great audio quality, including noise cancellation, wirelessly! Click here to learn more.

Another hot gift is the new Roomba j7+ robot vacuum from iRobot. The technology with these is incredible! If you've ever worried your robotic vacuum would get stuck or worse yet, run into a hazard like solid pet waste, new precision vision navigation lets it identify and avoid objects. The robot even empties itself and gets smarter the more it's used. And the j7+ understands more than 600 google and Alexa voice commands including specifics like "clean in front of the couch". And right now it's just $599 instead of $799 through Mother's Day! Click here to learn more.

And it wouldn't be Mother's Day without flowers. After quality time with their families, it's what moms want most. But here's the thing. Moms don't like flowers in a box without a vase with stems they have to cut. I love Teleflora because their bouquets are always made and delivered by hand from a local florist in a vase ready to enjoy from the moment it arrives. What a great way to also support a small business! This year you can find two new bouquets designed specifically for Mother's Day --whimsical dragonfly with this beautiful reusable dragonfly pitcher and this shining beauty bouquet with a mosaic vase that can be repurposed in a kitchen or office. You can order up until 3 pm for same day delivery but order soon because some cities have already sold out of these unique bouquets!" Click here to learn more.

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