You Can Be a Smart Shopper….

…you really can. Manoush Robin, contributor to has some of the smart buys of the holiday shopping season for us and she’s bringing them to us earlier than last year. If you didn’t hear, retailers are cutting the amount of stock they will have on hand this year and for consumers that means less to choose from
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The Early Bird Gets the ONLY Gift

This holiday season retailers have cut their stock to avoid last year’s over supply. According to this article in The Boston Globe retailers like Saks Fifth Avenue are not going to get stuck with excess inventories and for shoppers that could well mean less to choose from and not as many discounts. Chris Leary has a few suggestions for Read More

Flu? Tech to the Rescue

It seems like the whole world has become more health focused, thanks to double whammy of the health care debate and the H1N1 virus. And there are new high-tech ways to allow you to take better control of your health—and to stay on top of school and work obligations if the flu strikes in your area. Here are links to some great new Read More
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