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Super Bowl at Home with Bob Guiney

As you get ready for the big game, I have got the best ideas to make your game day celebration great right from your own home.

Pre-game – get your food lined up and make it easy – a simple cheese board is a great way to kick things off and here’s a pro shopping tip – look for cheese with the “Proudly Wisconsin” badge. Wisconsin offers a world of cheese, where their intense pride and commitment to perfection win them more national and international awards than any other state or country. They are only state to require a license to make cheese. Head to for the best game day recipes and pairing suggestions.

The other essential ingredient to any game day celebration is a great meatball. There are so many creative ways to use them from a simple appetizer to the main course. I like Armour frozen meatballs which are not only delicious but have no preservatives. Simply add your favorite flavor, original, beef, Italian, or turkey, to your dish, whether it’s a sub, pizza, pasta, or even soup, and score big points with your friends and family. Click here to learn more.

Bring your Big Game to life in 4k and up to 150-inches on a screen or wall with NEBULA’s Cosmos Max. The built-in speakers help offer an immersive experience, whether watching football, streaming a movie or watching a YouTube video. Android TV 9.0 and The Google Assistant easily turn any home into a home theater. Unlike more traditional, boring projectors, the Cosmos Max has a unique oval shape and a starlight finish when you turn it on. Save 10% on all Nebula products and enter the $1000 prize drawing now - click here!

There’s nothing worse than stepping away, missing the big play and hearing everyone cheering. Netatmo’s Smart video doorbell keeps you in your seat while you check your phone to see and talk to the person at the front door. Great for security it distinguishes people from pets and objects and can send you an alert if someone is lurking at the front door or other areas you specify. It even has night vision. Click here to learn more.

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