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The Daily Lounge is more than just an information and media source. Our fans come together with our editors to share and post news, and be part of the conversation. Our dedicated editorial team works to bring new and interesting discourse that matters to our fans, to the table. We also hosts regular live roundtable chats so readers can interact with experts on a wide range of relevant topics.

The online world is vast, cold and solitary — The Daily Lounge is a lively hang out that brings communication back into the news!

We are...

Dave Odegard, Editor. Dave runs the day-to-day operation here at Daily Lounge. He has an MFA in Creative Writing, which means he’s well educated in creating funny and delightful Facebook status updates. He lives in Brooklyn with his dog and can be stalked online at DaveOdegard.com.

Danielle Thillet, Social Media & Online Events Coordinator, Contributor. Danielle ("Danyell") manages all social media for Daily Lounge, as well as assembling expert panels for our roundtable discussions, and writing posts. Offsite, she is an illustrator, an a cappella singer, and a frequent tweeter. Find all of her things at http://about.me/dthillet

Lauren Saccone, Contributor. Lauren is a freelance writer who focuses on pop culture and politics. She attended the New School in New York with a concentration in Cultural Studies and Journalism.

Chris O'Shea, Contributor. Chris is a freelance writer living in Charlottesville, Virginia. His work has appeared on GQ.com, The New York Times' blog The Local, Gothamist, The Awl, and more.

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