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Game Day Grilling with Chef Matt Moore

Everyone wants wings and brisket sliders for the big game, but now I can smoke them right in my own kitchen without going outside. The GE Profile Smart Indoor Smoker is the first and only indoor smoker with Active Smoke Filtration - smoke stays in the smoker, not in your kitchen. It has easy to use digital controls and remote monitoring. Just
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Big Game Day Entertaining with Chef Jamie Gwen

The biggest game of the year is coming up and here are my game day picks for the best snacks: Check out these delicious and convenient Game Day salad cups if you’re looking for a healthier tailgate snack. Using crispy bacon as the base, I stuffed half with Fresh Express’ French Blue Cheese Salad Kit for guests who prefer the taste of blue Read More
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College Game Day Homegating with Chef Matt Moore

Prep early and let your guests make their own drinks with this: The Bartesian Duet, is Bartesian's newest, most compact smart home cocktail maker. It makes more than 50 cocktails PERFECTLY. The fully recyclable capsules contain all of the real juices, bitters, and extracts needed for a perfectly balanced cocktail, with nothing artificial. The Read More
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