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Your Enjoyment of Alcohol May Be Genetic

Remember that first taste of beer you had when you were five years old? We kid, we kid! We have no idea when you had your first drink, but we do know that you likely didn't enjoy it. That's natural, of course. Beer and other alcohol is an acquired taste. However, a new study shows that at least for some people, the enjoyment of alcohol comes Read More
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Holiday Entertaining with Chef Jamie Gwen (Sponsored)

Well I’m ready for the return to holiday entertaining so I’m stepping up my culinary game with these Wonderful Pistachios Blue Cheese & Fig Puff Pastry Twists. Wonderful Pistachios No Shells are healthy, crave-able snacks that I love to cook with too, and they’re one of the highest protein and fiber snack nuts, with 6g of plant protein and 3g Read More
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