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According to Science, a Glass of Wine a Day Keeps the Depression Away

If you’re feeling guilty about the glass of wine you like to enjoy every night with your dinner: Don’t. A scientific study says it’s A-Okay to indulge in some booze on a daily basis and may in fact be key to keeping you in good mental health. The BMC Medicine study found that folks over 55 who drink a little bit of alcohol every day (about
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Researchers Warn That Climate Change Will Kill Coffee Beans

Climate change has brought on plenty of problems for all of us — experts say Hurricane Sandy was made worse because of the warming of the globe — but what will we all do, when one day, we run out of coffee? That's a real problem being brought on by global warming, and we have to admit, we're not going to deal with it maturely. Here are some Read More
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How Super Bananas Could Save Thousands of Lives

The secret to saving thousands of lives could be located inside the humble banana. Researchers in Australia have genetically engineered some of the fruit to provide a boost of nutrients to those in desperate need. If all goes well, the bananas would change the course of our world. Suddenly, that banana bread seems a little more important, Read More
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