How to Use Daily Lounge

Daily Lounge is broken into two parts, The Daily and The Lounge. You’ll find both titles prominently displayed at the top of the page, which you can click as shortcuts to either sections whenever you want. You can recognize the section you’re in by whichever of the two is currently underlined.

The Daily connects you to content (web articles and posts) that we’ve written for you to read, comment on, and share with others.

The Lounge is where you can take a more active role in things by engaging with our editorial staff, interacting with other users, and even starting your own conversation about pretty much anything you want.

You can navigate each section by subject via the category bar at the top of the page (hint: it’s gray) and peruse the latest content across the site through the row of thumbnails that appear below the top advertising banner.

To join or start a conversation, you’ll need to log in (although we do allow anonymous comments on posts). You can create your own unique Daily Lounge account by going here; all you need is a valid email address. OR you can log in with your Facebook account.

Once you’re in, you can comment on any post (either on The Daily or in The Lounge) or start a discussion in The Lounge (where you’re free to upload pictures, embed videos, and say whatever’s on your mind). You can even use a post written by one of our writers for The Daily as a jumping off point for a new discussion, in cases where what you have to say is a little more than a comment.

We also regularly host live roundtable discussions where we bring together experts on a variety of topics to talk to our editorial staff and answers users’ questions. We’ve done everything from debating the pros and cons of home schooling to discussing how to make your own Halloween costume.

So come on and join the conversation!