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Father's Day Gift Ideas with Bob Guiney (Sponsored)

Give Dad time to relax with the ultimate cleaning machine. The Neato D10 robot vacuum handles big cleaning jobs – up to 2700 sq ft on a single charge and it’s an industry-leader in dirt pick-up. And get this, it uses a Hepa-filter to capture 99.97% of allergens and dust down to 0.3 microns – that’s even more than an N95 mask. Its unique D-shape gets in the corners and Neato’s LaserSmart SLAM technology with LIDAR quickly and efficiently maps the home. LIDAR allows Neato to clean even in the dark and under furniture, without cameras or compromising privacy. Click here to learn more.

Bring the fun wherever Dad goes with the LG XBOOM 360. With this lightweight portable speaker, he can play all his audio in 360 degree panorama sound. XBOOM 360 literally lets you bring the party almost anywhere. And I like that you no longer have to move around to find the listening sweet spot. The technology in XBOOM 360 brings immersive audio from any angle. Best of all it will last up to 10 hrs on a charge and has 9 really cool Lighting Presets to meet any mood from party to relaxation. Click here to learn more.

We all know dads just love donuts, myself included, and Father’s Day is truly not complete without delicious Entenmann’s donuts to celebrate! From Rich Frosted donuts to Variety Soft’ees, Powdered Pop’ettes and Glazed Pop’ems, there’s something for every dad to enjoy this holiday. From now through July 1st, you can nominate the special father figure in your life for the chance to win exciting prizes including $50,000 and a year’s supply of Entenmann’s® Donuts with their “Dads of Glory: A Father Figure Showcase.” Head to to enter!

Here’s a gift idea - give Dad the best coffee. A world first, the Jura Z10 makes over 32 different specialties from espresso to flat white - plus, for a new dimension in coffee enjoyment, Dad can enjoy cold brew, too. Simply select your drink of choice from the touch screen display and the grinder instantly adjusts to the perfect grind for the selected specialty. The Revolutionary Cold Extraction Process pulses cold water through freshly ground coarse coffee under high pressure for a refreshing cold brew with a wonderfully balanced aroma. Click here to learn more. Get yours at SurLaTable or Williams Sonoma.

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