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5 Running Mistakes You Keep Making

All runners have bad habits. Yet no matter how often these errors and vices throw us against the wall, slow us down, or leave us stranded on a PR plateau (that's "personal record" for you non-runners), we keep making them. Here's a look at the most common mistakes: You’re Malnourished When I ran my first marathon, I brought with me two Read More
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What Will the Sidewalks of the Future Look Like?

Concrete: It cracks when tree roots burst through, it gets so hot that it makes summer afternoons in the city feel absolutely stifling, and it’s the culprit behind many a skinned knee and elbow. So, why do we keep building our cities out of this material that seems to be more of a hassle than it’s worth? That’s the question that’s driving local Read More
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Heart & Home

It Looks Like Cavemen Were Actually Good Parents

For the most part, cavemen don't have the best reputation. We can start with the name itself — no one even calls them by their correct term. Instead of Neanderthal, they're cavemen. Men in caves. That's it! But it doesn't get better from there. In general, we think of them as brutes without much to offer. However, according Read More
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