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How Technology Helps Us Be Greener

By: Ava FloydEarth Day is an annual global event celebrated on April 22nd that raises awareness about environmental issues and promotes sustainable living. The history of Earth Day dates back to the early 1970s when the first Earth Day was celebrated. It was a grassroots movement inspired by US Senator Gaylord Nelson, who wanted to bring attention
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Catch the Spirit of the Season: the Best Springtime Traditions

With the end of the frigid winter almost on us, we got to thinking: What are the best springtime traditions? Here are our choices. Opening Day Yes, the basketball and hockey seasons spend the beginning of spring roaring to their respective climaxes, but we only have one sport that begins in the spring, and it’s baseball, the most American Read More
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The Behind the Scenes Controversy Around Daylight Savings Time

Every year, on the second Sunday of March, and the first Sunday of November, Americans move their clocks an hour forward or an hour back, respectively. This ritual of changing clocks by an hour is known as daylight savings time (DST). While the practice is now deeply ingrained in American society, the history and controversy surrounding DST are Read More
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The 4 Biggest Snoozefests in Sports That Happen Every Year

The NFL Draft, which, against all odds, has become must-see TV for football aficionados. Realistically, though, sports already has almost nothing to do with our real lives; finding out just who may or may not be making the roster as a first-year player in the new season is one step even further removed. That got us thinking: As exciting as Read More
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