What Last Year Was Like for One Women in Just Over 7 Minutes

Meet Madeline Schichtel. She’s a twenty-something photographer, artist, and filmmaker living and working in LA, trying to break into the film and television industry. Madeline had a cool idea. She shot a little video every day – just a bit of footage as she went about her day. Everyday throughout 2011 and then edited it all together, taking
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The Best Moments from Jon Huntsman’s Presidential Campaign

In case you haven’t heard, Jon Huntsman, the former Governor of Utah and Ambassador to China, has announced that he is officially suspending his campaign for the Republican Party’s Presidential nomination. In a press conference at Myrtle Beach on Monday, Huntsman told reporters that we was exiting the race, which he characterized as “degenerated Read More

Stephen Hawking Turns 70

Stephen Hawking is one of the most celebrated scientists alive today. He has changed the way we view the universe and solved some of science’s greatest mysteries. He’s exposed the mainstream to the magic of physics, and is widely considered one of the greatest minds of his generation. He’s published and produced best-selling books and films, as Read More

Brit Actor Benedict Cumberbatch’s Coming American Invasion

The reboot of Star Trek was an enormous critical and commercial success. Director J.J. Abrams epic retelling of the beloved television series caught the imagination of old and new fans alike. When a sequel was announced, rumors immediately started swirling: where would the crew of the Enterprise travel next? Would the sequel live up to the Read More
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